Tattoo Cover-up

Airbrush is also an effective technique for temporarily masking tattoos and blemishes. Using a paramedical airbrush makeup application, we cover tattoos so they are not visible on your big day. It’s the perfect way to ensure a flawless look when wearing backless, strapless or low cut dresses.

There are specific skin conditions that can be masked by airbrushing as well. This technique is also ideal for covering birthmarks, rosacea, spider veins, age spots, scars and vitiligo.

We use a waterproof, rub resistant paramedical make-up and technique that will ensure your tattoo area or skin in-perfection is covered, can withstand hugging, touching and will last the duration of your event.



The question I hear most when covering a tattoo or skin imperfections is “will it match my skin tone?” I choose two to three different paramedical shades that most closely match your skin tone to create your perfect match. Most of us have unevenness in our skin tone, so you will need a combination and blending of different shades to create a tone that matches your skin and that appears realistic.


If your wedding gown or someone will come in contact with the covered area, I strongly suggest using a paramedical airbrush make-up, which is extremely rub resistant and waterproof, to prevent any smudging and to ensure the services will last the duration of your event.

Depending on the oils of your skin, perspiration, and humidity, the covered area can get smudged or smeared when using corrective cosmetics. Most brands usually have a creamy texture, which can cause the product to melt, smudge or smear.

It’s important to note that while paramedical airbrush make-up and techniques can completely cover, hide skin issue and tattoos, if the skin texture within your tattoo or scar is indented or raised the area will still be completely covered, but the textured area may still slightly appear.

Pricing depends on the size, starting @ $25 and up.

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