Hair Extensions

Hair is the most important accessory a woman has, and there are times when she just needs more of it! We offer only the highest quality hair extension techniques possible. Our extensions are made from virgin, unprocessed 100% human hair imported directly from Europe. Other services will offer you extensions made in India; unlike those, our extensions have luster and shine that never diminishes.

Plus, we never use any damaging glues, waxes, chemicals, weaves, heat or clips. We avoid these synthetic processes, because they can quickly cause damage to your natural hair. Instead, we skillfully use our virgin hair extensions to transform fine, lifeless and short into thick, long and lustrous.

Most other hair extension companies de-cuticulize the hair leaving it coarse, dry and sometimes unmanageable. To ensure elite quality, the cuticles of our extensions are left intact, giving an incredible silky manageable quality and the feel of your own natural hair.


Want Great Looking Hair? We’ll Tell You The Secret

Until now, hair extension have been very costly to maintain, damaging, mediocre product and messy nightmares. Paris Hilton, who has the best, chooses DreamCatchers for her hair extensions, why not you?


DreamCatchers- I’ll show you the facts. You decide the rest.

DreamCatchers: The secret to gorgeous hair is quality. Extensions are virgin, unprocessed 100% human hairs from Europe. The quality is unmatched by any other extension on the market. Cuticles are left intact, allowing the hair extensions to feel silky and manageable with luster and shine.

hair-extensions2 dark hair

Others: Poor quality, throwaway, disposable hair usually from India. The hair is black in color and has to be repeatedly bleached to lighten which dramatically deteriorates its quality and look. Poor quality hair extension means cheap-looking results. To get decent results, you have to purchase new extensions EVERY 8-12 weeks, which can be costly.

DreamCatchers: Re-usable, revolutionizing the hair extension industry. Our extensions are reusable giving you sustained enjoyment of beautiful hair with less cost. Can last 6 months up to 3 years. Get tired of long hair, have them removed, save and reuse them at a later time.

Others: Most hair extension companies use glue, waxes, weaves, heat or clips, which are messy and can, damage your own hair.

DreamCatchers: Use European Micro-cyclinder™ technology, non-damaging, clean, simple and efficient. Your hair and extensions will look glamorous, healthy and feel amazing.

dream catchers brown hair

Others: Your time in the chair for a full application is lengthy (6-8 hours) and work is laborious and time-consuming.

DreamCatchers: A full head application normally takes about tow-hours and adjustment visits are approximately one hour.



Remember that regardless of how natural and real your hair extensions look and feel, they must be properly cared for to ensure long-lasting result. It is extremely important that a maintenance and follow-up schedule be developed.


Consultation is free to discuss the desired look, whether it’s adding length, volume, fantasy colors, or all three. Decide amount and colors of hair needed to achieve your desired look. A deposit is required before purchase of hair, and remaining balance is paid when your extensions is put in.


Your hair extensions will need to be readjusted as your hair grows. Each client’s hair growth varies, so some may need it done sooner while some later. This service takes approximately 2 hours.


Recommendation will be given to you on how to care for your new hair extension including the best shampoos, conditioners and styling tools before you leave your appointment.

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